The Climate Change Problem:  A Primer for Faculty and Staff, Fall 2007


How the Climate System Works

Scott Denning (CMMAP, Atmospheric Science)


Climate Change:  Forcing, Feedbacks, and Forecasts

David Randall (CMMAP, Atmospheric Science)


Reconstructing & Modeling Past & Future Climates:  Methods

Gene Kelly (Soil and Crop Sciences)

David Randall (CMMAP, Atmospheric Science)


Climate Change at Pingree Park

Bill Bertschy (Pingree Park Campus Director)

Dan Binkley (Forest, Rangeland, Watershed Stewardship)

Ellen Wohl (Geosciences)

Dale Hein (Wildlife Biology, emeritus)

Peter Brown (Rocky Mountain Tree Ring Institute)


Biological & Ecological Effects

Alan Knapp (Biology)


The Human Costs

Kathleen Galvin (Anthropology)

Gerald Callahan (Microbiology, Immunology, and Pathology)

James Pritchett (Agricultural and Resource Economics)


The Challenges:  Policy, Solar, Fuels, and Engines

Michele Betsill (Political Science)

Jim Sites (Physics)

Bryan Willson (Mechanical Engineering)


The Challenges:  Business, Carbon Sequestration

John Grant (UNC)

Steve Ogle (Natural Resource Ecology Lab)


The Challenges:  Communication

Robert Henson (UCAR)



Climate Change:  What We All Need to Know, September 2008 – April 2009


Climate Change:  Past, Present, and Future

David Randall, Atmospheric Science and CMMAP


The Biological and Ecological Effects of Climate Change

Alan Knapp, Biology


The Economics of Climate Change

Charles Kolstad, University of California, Santa Barbara, Economics


Climate Change and the Literary Imagination

Linda Bierds, University of Washington, English

Marybeth Holleman, University of Alaska, Anchorage, English


Solutions to the Climate/Energy Problem

Scott Denning, Atmospheric Science and CMMAP


The Effects of Climate Change on People

Lori Peek, Sociology


Climate Change Politics and Policy Making

Michele Betsill, Political Science


Our Back Yards and Climate Change

Laura Pritchett, writer and editor (Going Green: True Tales from Gleaners, Scavengers, and Dumpster Divers)

Amy Seidl, ecologist and writer (Early Spring: An Ecologist and her Children Awake to a Warming World)



Climate Change Teach-In:  Focus the Nation, January 30-31, 2008


Show Me the Money:  Economics and Climate Change

James Pritchett, Agricultural and Resource Economics

Tom Dean, Management and Global Social and Sustainable Enterprise Program    


Learning to Survive and Thrive (Learning about Sustainability)

Bill Timpson, Education

Brian Dunbar, Construction Management and Institute for the Built Environment


Bigfoot Walks!  (What Size is Your Carbon Footprint?) 

Shane Bondi, English

Mark Easter, Natural Resource Ecology Laboratory


Hot Poems, Cool Paintings, and the Treasures of Antiquity

Ellie Moseman, Art

John Calderazzo, English    


National Security, Peak Oil, and Climate Change

Bill Doe, Center for Environmental Management of Military Lands    

Kyle Saunders, Political Science   


What Should We Do?  The Ethics of Climate Change 

Holmes Rolston, Philosophy

Phil Cafaro, Philosophy


Tiny Molecules that Change the World:  The Science of Climate Change

Scott Denning, Atmospheric Science and CMMAP


Why Should I Care?  How Climate Change Will Affect Humans

Lori Peek, Sociology


Who’s in Charge?  Making Policy and Working with People

Michele Betsill, Political Science  

Nancy Banman, Social Work


Green Beer, Green Business

Nicolas Theisen, New Belgium Brewery

Kathy Collier, Climate Wise Program, City of Fort Collins


Engines for Change:  Envirofit

Paul Hudnut, Management and Global Social and Sustainable Enterprise Program

Ron Bills, CEO of Envirofit


Changing the Climate of Belief

Mandy Kotzman, biologist and writer

Tom Wood, Philosophy     


Forests and Grasslands:  Beetles, Fire, Drought, Growth Spurts? 

Dan Binkley, Forest, Rangeland, and Watershed Stewardship

Julia Klein, Forest, Rangeland, and Watershed Stewardship


Dumpster Diving and Other Fun Ways to Save the Earth

Laura Pritchett, writer and editor

Tim Vaughan, geologist

Libby James, teacher and artist

Paul Miller, writer and editor


Right Here, Right Now:  Local Programs and Policies

John Armstrong, Fort Collins Natural Resources Department

Lyn Kathlene, Colorado Institute of Public Policy

Lucinda Smith, Fort Collins Natural Resources Department


Green, Clean Living:  Where We Live and Work

Brian Dunbar, Institute for the Built Environment and Construction Management

Shelley Kawamura, Institute for the Built Environment and Construction Management


Independence Day:  Alternative Energies

Anthony Rappe, Chemistry

Dan Bihn, Bihn Systems and Fort Collins Electric Board

Mike Bowman, 25x’25 and Sustainable Biodiesel Alliance


Tiny Molecules that Change the World:  The Science of Climate Change

Scott Denning, Atmospheric Science and CMMAP


Talking with the Unconvinced, Sorting through the Evidence

John Gross, National Park Service 

Scott Denning, Atmospheric Science and CMMAP

Marilee Long, Journalism and Technical Communication


What a Changing Climate Is Doing to Plants and Animals and Their Ecology

Alan Knapp, Biology


Campuses on Carbon Diets

Carol Dollard, Facilities Management, CSU               

Mike Spearnak, Poudre School District


The Political and the Personal:  What We Can Do 

Michele Betsill, Political Science

Rodger Ames, CMMAP


Student Activism:  Do Something!

Members of FACT (on fair trade)

Focus the Nation Team (on this event)


What Government Can Do

Tom Plant, Director, Governor’s Office of Energy Management and Conservation

Lakshman Guruswamy, Director, Center for Energy and Environmental Security, University of Colorado

Betsey Markey, Candidate for Congress, 4th Congressional District


John Kefalas and Randy Fisher, State Representatives

Bob Bacon, State Senator    



Climate Change Teach-In:  What We Can Do about  Climate Change, February 4-5, 2009


Toward a Carbon-Neutral Campus      

Carol Dollard, Facilities Management


3-D Earth--Our Planet through Space & Time               

Andrew Warnock, Center for Science, Math, & Technology Education


Cool Art in the Hot Zone--Artists Respond to Climate Change 

Lynne Hull, Fort Collins environmental artist   


Mapping the Air--Climate Modeling at CSU  

Ian Baker, CMMAP


A Fast and Effective Rx for Climate Change—

Green Building and Sustainable Development      

Brian Dunbar, Executive Director, Institute for the Built Environment


Developing Climates--How Will Africa Fare?  

Lara Prihodko & Niall Hanan, Natural Resource Ecology Laboratory


Ethical Solutions to Climate Change 

Phil Cafaro, Philosophy


Heated Words?  How We Talk about Climate Change 

Martín Carcasson, Communication Studies

Jes Thompson, Human Dimensions of Natural Resources


Get in the Know--Finding Information on the Science &

Business of Climate Change                                                     

Allison Level & Louise Feldmann, CSU Libraries


The Climate of Home--Colorado & the Southwest                           

Tom Easley, Director of Programs, Rocky Mountain Climate Organization


Climate Change & Rangelands--Implications, Adaptations, & Opportunities

Jack Morgan, USDA-ARS                                           

Cini Brown, Bioagricultural Sciences & Pest Management

Julia Klein, Forest, Rangeland & Watershed Stewardship

Marshall Frasier, Agriculture and Resource Economics

Meena Balgopal, Education                                                 


Earth, Wind, & Fire--Finding Alternative Energy at CSU        

Andrew Warnock, Chief of Staff, CSU Clean Energy Supercluster

Amy Prieto, Chemistry

Jennifer Cross, Sociology


A Community Climate Challenge                                              

Michele Betsill, Political Science

Lucinda Smith, City of Fort Collins

Students from POLS 362, Global Environmental Politics    


The National Scene--Impacts, Mitigation, Adaptation

Dennis Ojima, Natural Resource Ecology Laboratory &

Heinz Center for Science, Economics, & the Environment


The Joys of Carbon Dieting--Workshop

Lucinda Smith, City of Fort Collins


Looking for Answers--Ecosystem Research at CSU 

Jill Baron, Matthew Wallenstein, Steve Ogle, & Randy Boone,

Natural Resource Ecology Laboratory


On the Lighter Side--The Climate Dating Game            

Organized by Connie Uliasz, Graduate Degree Program in Ecology